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cast iron combination fireplaces With that in mind let us start the exploration of the history of fireplace applications with the poker. A online poker, also known as a stoker, is actually a short, rigid rod, employed to move the burning substance in a fire. Today's hearth pokers are usually made of sheet metal with a point at a single end for pushing losing material and a handle with the other end. Archeology shows that we now have used pokers as a fire tool since the Paleolithic period of time. This period is the prehistoric period noted for the development of the very first stone tools. It handles the period from 2 . five or 2 . 6 mil years ago until around ten, 000 BC with the intro of agriculture. It signifies the greatest portion of human period on Earth (about 99% involving human history). Archeologist believe that fireplace pokers were developed right after the discovery of fireplace (790, 000 years ago) and the earliest pokers had been most likely of the same material because the fuel for the fire -- that is wood. At the beginning the fireside poker, or "firestick" has been probably a large branch of some kind used to help keep the fire heading.

Down through the ages this open fireplace tool has evolved and, seeing that other tools were employed, the fireplace poker has gone to and from of favor.cast iron combination fireplaces Up to the seventeenth century in England you might find just a fire fork and andirons for the fireplace but from the 19th century a fireplace holdem poker was always used plus the fire fork had nearly disappeared.

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