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feature fireplace wall Maintaining a fire with the standard fire place tool set can be a slight challenge at times depending on the scale the wood that one is usually burning, so another hearth accessory that is quite popular is often a set of fireplace tongs. Often the tongs are often designed with a new cavity in the middle to allow for getting the entire log and then having the ability to pick it up while still losing to roll and transfer the log back into the fireplace. It is usually much easier to roll the log with the use of tongs that it must be with the poker.

Another good fireplace accessory is the inclusion of a bellows that is frequently used when starting the fire or even at times when the fire has passed away down and needs additional o2 to resume burning brilliantly.feature fireplace wall A set of fireplace tools along with accessories that includes a bellows is an extremely nice addition that will keep from having to huff in addition to puff to spread the fireplace once started, or to re-invigorate the fire if left unwatched for a while.

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