fireplace mantels and surrounds wood


fireplace mantels and surrounds wood An old-fashioned, wooden covering, handsome in itself, may be very significantly out of place in a modern interior; actually modernization of a room might begin with a new fireplace encounter. Removal of an old wooden layer may be accomplished in a very couple of minutes, and the homeowner is remaining with an exposed fireplace launching and free choice regarding how he wants to modernize its appearance.

If an attractive molding conceals the combined between the old mantle and also the wall, pry it reduce, using a screwdriver and a smaller pry bar.fireplace mantels and surrounds wood Then pry outward on the mantle space. You'll see where the nails tend to be holding it to the wall membrane studs. Pry all around and also outward, and you'll be able to raise the mantle from the divider. Exposed will be the outer surface area of the smoke chamber on the fire area, sloping back again toward the flue. It is almost always of brick or gemstone, corbeled in steps, and possibly things have been filled with mortar to make smooth. The row connected with face brick up the edges and resting on a lintel across the opening will now protrude into the room beyond all of those other fireplace. The new fireplace top will be built around this opening up.

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