Floating Shelf Fireplace Mantel


Floating Shelf Fireplace Mantel, The dimensions of your fireplace: This is probably the main element you need to keep in mind whenever browsing fireplace mantel concepts and possibilities. You want to calculate all dimensions of your fire and have them on-hand. The very last thing you want to do is guess about the size - you might end up getting a mantel that's short or too tall.

The particular wall space available: The amount of wall surface area available will dictate the utmost size you can get. It's not unusual to have a mantel shelf that will extends past the width in the fireplace. If you want a long open fireplace mantel shelf, measure just how much wall space you have. Floating Shelf Fireplace Mantel, As they say, determine twice, cut once (in this case, it's measure two times, buy once - you don't need to want to end up with a mantel that's too long and have to return and buy another).

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