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gas fireplace ebay Once you have completed cleaning your chimney, the next phase in cleaning your fire to prepare it for the arriving warmer months, is to clean out your firebox. You will need to give your firebox walls a good brushing along with a nice stiff brush. Topple down all the loose soot and ash that has received stuck to the brick wall space and flue.

Remove your personal fireplace grate and set this to the side on a newspaper. Retain it from touching your done flooring, as it will keep a nice sooty footprint. You are going to clean this and your additional fireplace tools in the next stage.gas fireplace ebay Using your fireplace shovel, you need to scoop out as much of typically the completely cooled ash along with the chunks of unburned real wood as you can. Using your fireplace remember to brush, sweep the remainder of the soft wood onto your shovel and directly into an ash bucket.

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