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gas fireplaces ottawa It's also important to look at your holiday lights before with them. Strings of lights ought to be checked for frayed cables, broken bulbs, or some other signs of damage. Don't get any chances with old lighting! If they look like they've outlived their useful life, dispose of them. There are many organizations this description now recycle holiday lights; examine online for a location in your area.

Be sure not to plug a lot of strings of lights as one outlet or extension wire. You should carefully read along with follow all safety directions that come with your lights.gas fireplaces ottawa A great rule of thumb is no more than three strings of lights connected together into one outlet. Expansion cord safety is also essential. Be sure not to run electrical cords under rugs, as this may cause wear over time. When redecorating outdoors, you should also take care to not run extension cords across admission or sidewalks where they could be a tripping hazard regarding pedestrians.

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