Imitation Stone Fireplace


Imitation Stone Fireplace, You have lots of choices in case you are interested in a wood open fireplace mantel. Solid wood mantels might be best quality and have a tendency to be able to age well. Although you will require a large budget for a solid wood mantel, they are very good investments once you learn you will be in your home for a long time. Much more budget friendly wood mantels might be made of engineered wood, referred to as MDF, or have a timber veneer on them.

Both are generally made to mimic solid wood. Imitation Stone Fireplace, They may be very attractive and are usually extremely durable as well. Most designed wood mantels don't have a new grain to them so they can become altered without damage to the particular mantel. Veneers are affordable when they are laid over more affordable materials, but when they are utilized to display a stunning grain design they can get pricey, therefore don't assume that just because a mantel has veneer on it that it must be cheap.

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