installing flat screen tv over fireplace


installing flat screen tv over fireplace Every room in your house must have a main focal point, or at least a place that the eyes are automatically attracted too when you come through the doorway. If you aren't sure in case your main living room has a centerpiece or not, go out and close the door. Then come back within and see where your your-eyes are, drawn too. This should become an architectural feature, certainly not the TV set and if that is all that jumps out toward you, its time to start designing.

The best focal point for any space is a fireplace, fact.installing flat screen tv over fireplace For those who have never particularly been keen on fireplaces, you obviously have not checked out the enormous range of fire design ideas that are easily accessible these days. There is literally a hearth to suit everybody, and every area. From modern and modern to rustic and lavish, you will find the perfect one for you personally.

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