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master bedroom fireplaces Any wood mantel is more quickly taken apart, while jewel or brick must be removed piece by piece, utilizing a cold chisel and crunch bar to free the particular stone from its mortar joint. You may encounter material "ties" which hold the dealing with to the chimney, or "header" brick that must be cut in two with the chisel to abandon the chimney intact. Typically the facing usually will produce readily to prying through the pinch bar.

The first step with erecting a flush open fireplace wall is to set up a new frame upon which the new materials may be applied.master bedroom fireplaces Outline upon floor and ceiling the region to be included and toenail l-by-3 strips along these kind of lines. Between the strips, operate 2-by-3 or 2-by-4 measures; toenail them in place in all four sides, spacing these individuals 16", center to middle. If you intend to use tiles occur mortar or stucco later on, it is necessary to add pieces of 2-by-4 or 2-by-3 between each and every vertical strip. Locate these types of at the center, between flooring and ceiling. A button, 2-by-3 or 2-by-4, pinned to the wall at the back, completes the basic frame.

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