Mosaic Tiles Fireplace


Mosaic Tiles Fireplace, The fireplace mantel will be familiar to us all like a symbol of home as well as comfort. Yet as common as the fireplace mantel might seem, it has meant different things from different times in history- serving once not only as being a source of heat, but as a way of cooking, with some fire mantels reaching an enormous thickness that could accommodate several at home cooks and roasting joint. Hearth mantel or simply mantel, also referred to as fireplace surround, hood, or some kind of other similar projection, typically ornamented, that surround often the opening of a fireplace in which directs smokes to the masonry flue originated in medieval occasions as a hood that expected over a grate to capture the smoke.

The term has become incredible to include the decorative platform, usually stone, around the open fireplace, and can include elaborate designs increasing to the ceiling, also known as over-mantels. Mosaic Tiles Fireplace, Mantel is now the general phrase for the jambs, mantel space, and external accessories of the fireplace. For many centuries, the actual mantel was the most decorative and most artistic feature of your room, but as fireplaces have grown to be smaller, and modern ways of heating have been introduced, it is artistic as well as its useful significance has lessened.

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