napoleon propane fireplaces


napoleon propane fireplaces When the base has completely dried out, you can begin applying the next colour. Working in one small region (for instance, if your open fireplace is brick, do a single brick at a time), bedaub several uneven streaks involving paint on the surface. Using a cloth, rub the paint, distributing it and pulling the item randomly. Continue with one more small area until the overall fireplace is complete. A twig bottle of water may be used to dilute the paint as long as you're working, making it easier to distribute and thinning out some places, creating a more authentic appearance.

After you have ragged the fireplace for your satisfaction, use the third shade to highlight some crevices, edges and other key areas (It is not necessary to rag this kind of color on the entire fireplace). Use the same technique with all the rag and spray container to soften the sides of the paint.

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