Open Sided Fireplace


Open Sided Fireplace, There are lots of reasons that a fireplace mantel is important. The most important reason is it simply makes the visual visual of the fireplace look total. It frames the comfortable glow of the fire. Another reason is the independent artistic of the mantel itself. Fire mantels are often made from created wood with fluted articles and are handsomely edged. Often the mantel itself is attractive to the eye.

Another important element to having a well designed open fireplace mantel is not even concerning the design itself. Having a mantel is just a great way to add some other design elements to the space. Open Sided Fireplace, If you think about it, old fashioned mantels were being used as places to place sentimental objects, or then add interest to the decor of any room. My grandmothers mantel always had an antique lavish gold framed mirror over it.

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