Opening Up An Old Fireplace


Opening Up An Old Fireplace, Another option is of course vintage fireplace mantels. These can be purchased through antique dealers. A few couple antique fireplace mantel dealers out there with a number of fireplace mantels. Of course sellers will charge you what ever cost they think they can get for this, but it will be a true masterpiece of design. Be careful when buying from retailers. these days fireplaces can easily be produced and passed on as being genuine and antique when in reality the are being made in European countries or China somewhere.

It is possible to tell by the quality of workmanship and possibly by wear and tear. Vintage mantels only come in the scale that they were made in. Opening Up An Old Fireplace, If you buy an antique mantel make certain it fits your room and covers the firebox appropriately. You may need add a jewel or another material along the within the fireplace mantel surround to be able to properly conceal the firebox if the mantelpiece is a little bigger than your firebox.


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