Wood Fireplaces Prices


Wood Fireplaces Prices, Which is healthy about wooden mantels is the fact that one can choose the kind of layer of varnish or paint color that will be utilized. A downside in making use of wood as a mantel is the fact wood is combustible. You need to check the local fire division with regards to the regulations in applying wood as a fireplace mantel.

Stone mantels are one of the earliest fireplace mantels. The use of rock as a material for mantels can be traced back to often the 16th century. Wood Fireplaces Prices, The most popular types of stones that are used for mantels are marble, slate marble and limestone. However , the usage of these stones can be quite weighty for one's pockets. Cast natural stone, which is a pre-fabricated kind of gemstone, is popular today because it is very cheap as compared to another stones. It resembles the actual expensive stones at a least-costly price. Cast stone mantels are usually priced starting in seven hundred dollars.

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