18th Century Fireplaces


18th Century Fireplaces, If your fireplace is different as well as doesn't seem to match up using any "regular" illustrations complete the form as best you could, and submit a few pictures. As we all know, a picture can say one thousand words! We have built mantels for nearly every situation and also would be happy to work with an individual on your project as there is certainly likely a variety of mantel style and design solutions for your unique fire place.

18th Century Fireplaces Our Mantels are delivered in one carton and are effortlessly installed! Our wood mantels arrive in one carton, with three main pieces (two legs and a shelf/header construction. ) We also include about three lengths of scribe creating to finish the interior perimeter with the wood mantel with a really clean and professional appearance, to neatly conceal virtually any gap that there might be between back of the mantel lower-leg and the front of the experiencing.

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