Art Deco Fireplace Mantels


Art Deco Fireplace Mantels, The style and substance of fireplace mantels - along with the way in which they are decorated -- tell a story about the home owner and their very specific preferences. But more than anything, any mantel should be integrated into the entire design and theme of your home. For instance, if you have an older residence with a traditional fireplace, then the mantel made from natural real wood or stone would be most suitable to complement the fireplace. For a more sophisticated home, a sleeker wooden or laminate may greatest offset the beauty of the fireplace and create the type of statement befitting of your property.

Art Deco Fireplace Mantels Most fireplace mantels are made alongside the fireplace when a brand new home is built. When a house owner purchases a home and desires to change the mantel, there are a variety of ways in which to go about this. Some mantels can be purchased like a single unit through do it yourself or fireplace stores. But for really reflect the character of the homeowner and create a distinctive and interesting design worth being the focal point of your room, it should be built to custom made specifications.

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