Cast Iron Fireplaces Uk


Cast Iron Fireplaces Uk, Consider going HEAVY... Really Deep (instead of just one row of books heavy, what about 2 rows of ebooks for those of us who need severe storage) - Instead of the normal shallower 10 to 12″ bookshelf depth, if you have the room, try Many deep cabinets of about 16″ can hold two rows of books. Place just one stack against the back walls of the cabinet, and one more row along the front side of the shelf. Remember to make use of the front row for the tall books so the ones right behind are hidden.

Get NOOKY with it - Instead of the normal flat surface or wall connected with books... why not create a space area by a window or even fireplace by constructing your own shelves to leave a new recessed blank area together with the shelving flanking the space to produce a nook that would be the perfect place for a desk, loveseat, or perhaps a pair of sumptuous chairs. Cast Iron Fireplaces UK The outcome is something that creates a much deeper and more unique design as well as making a spot to nestle up with an excellent book or for excellent conversation.

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