Contemporary Wood Fireplaces


Contemporary Wood Fireplaces, A fireplace mantel can be different things to different folks. At holiday time, it could be the place where you hang your own personal stockings with care with expectations of waking up to anything other than lumps of fossil fuel. It can also be a shelf to get displaying your family photos and also decorative pieces. Or the mantel can underscore a large reflection or artwork hanging preceding it. However you look at it, the area is important, so your choice of mantel shelves is an essential fine detail to complete the look.

Although simply a single piece that is installed above your fireplace, mantel shelves add definition along with enhance any hearth. Contemporary Wood Fireplaces The actual designs of mantel shelves usually are as diverse as the open fireplace styles themselves, running the particular gamut from rustic in order to elegant. Crafted in wooden, stone, or marble, you will have many choices, depending on your personal tastes.

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