Electric Fire For Fireplace


Electric Fire For Fireplace, The wall space accessible: The amount of wall space available may dictate the maximum size you will get. It's not uncommon to have a mantel shelf that extends beyond the width of the fireplace. If you prefer a long fireplace mantel rack, measure how much wall space you might have. As they say, measure twice, reduce once (in this case, it can measure twice, buy after - you don't want to end up getting a mantel that's too much time and have to go back and buy another).

The décor of the space: This is where you narrow down your own fireplace mantel ideas.Electric Fire For Fireplace When you start shopping around, you'll swiftly discover that you have a ton of colours, shapes, sizes, makes, components, and appearances to choose from. Therefore always consider the décor from the room where the mantel will probably be mounted. You want your hearth mantel to accent your current fireplace and blend using the room. If you're looking for a fire mantel for a cabin, stay with the antique, rugged models, if that is the décor of the area. Picking a mantel shelf that does not blend with the room can change an exquisite mantel into a watch sore.

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