mantel for stone fireplace


mantel for stone fireplace If you have mounted a fireplace in your home, you may want to complete the area and place a mantel around it. There are many hearth mantels on the market in limitless styles with hundreds of cool features. It can be overwhelming looking at all the different options. Before you start your search for that right mantel, you might very first want to decide on some of the fundamentals. Think about the flooring and other facets of the room in which you have a fire place. Decide what color and magnificence of mantel would remain in the rest of your decor. There are many different kinds of wood from which to choose as well as many different colors of stain. A lot of mantels are even white, african american, or other colors.

Maple is one of the most popular materials found in fireplace mantel designs, although that doesn't mean that oak needs to be your only option for the any mantel that you select! Fireplace mantels can be produced from metal, stone, and other forms of wood as well as from pine.mantel for stone fireplace The type of material you use depends on the over all look you would like to achieve.

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