Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts


Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts, So , what to do 1st? The fireplace opening width as well as opening height plus the dealing with material determine the inside mantel dimensions. Measure the starting width and opening elevation of your fireplace. Next, figure out how much facing material you would like to show or reveal. Typically of thumb, show a minimum of 6" of facing materials on each side of the fire opening width and at minimum 12" above the fireplace beginning height. Let's say your open fireplace opening width is 36".

Adding the 6" confronting material reveal on each part will give you a mantel with an inside of opening width of 48". Also, let's say your fire place has on opening height involving 30".Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts By adding your 12" facing material reveal over your fireplace you now possess a mantel opening height connected with 42". Remember that your mantel will overlap your going through material by at least ½" on the top and sides. A few mantel companies offer a fast ship mantel program which have standard size mantels inside stock and can ship throughout 3 days if your mantel works out to those sizes.

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