White Wooden Fireplace Surrounds


White Wooden Fireplace Surrounds, Together with two shelving units constructed, connect them with the center panel that will separate the fireplace under from the television on top. Exercise ½" holes for your dowels at least three feet from the end. Drill ½" holes within the ends of the board. Fill up the holes with wooden glue and put your dowels in place. Pull the store shelving units together. Let sit down until the glue dries.

At this stage, it's best to put the back around the frame. Stand the framework up so that you can lay the particular board down.White Wooden Fireplace Surrounds Drill gaps ½" deep in the panels that will serve as the back. You need to use one board per area, each shelving unit along with the center. Drill ½" openings in the structure you have position and make sure they align completely. Lay the structure back again on the boards and get all of the dowels in place. Let the stuff dry.

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